Pump and Dump Software - Autobot v1.0

Fast, secure, automatic. What's not to like?

How can the Autobots help you?

We believe our software to be the best out there. The be all end all.


No more waiting anxiously for that coin to appear, we'll find the coin for you.

Free Updates

Every update is free and installed automatically for you, any future bots we make, also free.

Fastest of all

Our application is made in the most efficient way possible. Multi-threaded, websockets and ready to buy you in in 0.05 seconds.

Works on everything

Want to run it on your phone? Sure thing. Want to host it on your server in the bahamas? We got your back

Our app was created with you in mind.

We're a team of experienced developers who know what we're doing. Put your trust in us and you'll not be let down.

What can Autobots v1.0 do?


Detect coins... How is that possible?

  • We carefully watch all coins on the exchange for unusual activity
  • This can be through candlesticks, price increases, volume increase
  • It'll tell you as soon as it finds it

Buy orders...

  • It will place a limit buy at a price % you decide
  • Any buy order not fulfilled instantly is cancelled to avoid buying the crash
  • It will only buy one coin to avoid fake pumps

Sell orders...

  • It will place a sell limit order at the profit % you decide
  • Want to sell manually? No problem, press the button and it'll market sell

Stop loss...

  • It can be scary in a pump, but we'll make sure you never lose
  • As soon as you buy the coin a stop loss is placed to ensure you don't lose
  • You decide the stop loss %

Make money

  • The easiest part of the day, watch it sell for a profit!

Convinced yet?

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We're confident we're worth every penny.



One time

  • 24/7 Support
  • Daily updates
  • Personal contact with the team
  • An amazing customer experience

What have others said about us?

Don't take our word for it, check out what these guys said about AUTOBOT! All results are anonymous, but if you join us I'm sure you'll see these reviews in our Facebook group!


Let's see if we can answer them before you ask them.

Can we be paid for our friends buying the bot?

Yup! But talk to us first! Either email us at @ [email protected] OR contact us on Discord (lorenzo#2857 or autobotv1.0#4722)

How fast, exactly?

0.05 seconds buy in fast (Quick fact! It's over 3,000 lines of code!)

Is the price final?

Nope. Could go up, could go down, why not talk to us and find out?

How can I buy it??

Contact us first! Either email us at @ [email protected] OR contact us on Discord (lorenzo#2857 or autobotv1.0#4722)